5/31/2016: Day 16 of S&E

Weight: 260.7

Starting Weight: 267.8

Weight Loss: 7.1 lbs

Workout: Seated Leg Press, Leg Curls, Leg Extensions, Crossover Sit-ups, Leg Raises, and 30 Second Plank

Meal: 300g Stewing Meat with 5 Sunny Side Eggs dropped on top. Keg Steak Spices and Franks Red Hot Powder added to taste.

Sleep: 6 Hours

Money Spent: $226.00

Notes: Great workout today. Started a weight loss challenge with my girlfriend (I guess I was an inspiration for her, so I’ll take credit.) She has started the weight watchers program online, and I’ve supported her through her workouts with the WiiU Workout Evolution 2013. It’s fun, but I don’t think dance moves are my cup of tea, but the fighting definitely was a great alteration to working out. It was a lot like shadow boxing.

5/28/16: Day 13 S&E – I Made a boo boo

Well, I fucked up.


I decided to go on my cheat day early, which was giving into temptation and breaking my dedication and desire for my goals, and just fell for the lesser good.

5/26/2016, I cheated… big time on my diet.

5/27/2016, was a continuation of this cheating.


Now, my weight is 266.4, from 256/something. That’s 10 pounds. But knowing me, I always look at the positive side of things, and I don’t focus on the negative, so this is what I pulled from this encounter:

  • During my cheating, I focused a lot on what was wrong, and how I could easily break this diet, and that I am disgusted with having Steak and Egg, all the time. I have no idea where this though pattern came from, and I was convinced of quitting the challenge, and the diet, and say fuck it.
  • Temptation and the “little devil on your shoulder”, will always be there. It won’t change. You will always have the temptation to break whatever order you have in life, and cause chaos by doing it.
  • Once temptation has set in, it’s like a sports car going down hill with no brakes. You justify the first temptation and cheat meal, with another one, because in the world of breaking rules, once broken, you my as well go all the way. That’s why a lot of people say “I’ll start MONDAY, at the beginning of a new week”, by setting some sort of order, but you cheat and gain weight until then. Doesn’t make any sense.
  • Once off the dedication train, it’s one of the hardest things to set in stone to hop back onto it. You truly need to gear the engines up, remember and retrace your thoughts back on track for why you are doing it in the first place.

I’ve just simply decided that I will continue this route, this diet, because I want to show the world, and more importantly, myself, that I am stronger than most, and I am stronger than my temptation. I will continue having my cheat days, but I will not be going overboard. I will most likely not be on this diet for the rest of my life, but I will fulfill the 3 month challenge to prove to myself I am capable of many things, and this is just one of them.


This blog, is definitely my strong point. Being able to write down my feelings, emotions, and how I truly conceive the world and myself during this challenge, is a key element for this to work. I suggest whoever is reading this, when you challenge yourself, write down your emotions and your feelings towards the challenge on a daily (or close to daily) basis. It will feel cleansing and remind you why your doing it in the first place.


5/25/16: Day 10 S&E

Weight: 260.2

Sleep: 8 Hours

Workout: Yes

Workout Info: 20 Minutes Elliptical, 12-10-8 Heaviest Sets with Free Weights (Arnold Curls, Overhead Triceps Extensions, Shoulder Press)

Notes: I have a current follower/steak and egg dieter, having questions about the “Shakes” the individual is getting during the ketosis of the diet. So I decided to do some research into it, just in-case it will cause issues with individuals. This is what I learned:

Is ketosis dangerous?

According to Peter Attia, M.D., the ketosis diet is as common as a fireplace inside a house. He states all these medical terms that I truly don’t understand, but on an “mediocre intellectual” stance, I can see it is a great way to diet, but it doesn’t tell me why she is having the shakes. Furthermore, I need to dig into more research about it.


According to multiple sources at Healthline.com, their actual article states that there is multiple problems with a ketosis diet, but if you read the actual comments:
proof1 proof2 proof3


There is multiple people debating the article, and find it completely null and disapprove.  I am not trying to be biased about the challenge, since its my job as the administrator to take note and see angles from both sides, but I can’t truly find anything to cause health issues with this diet.

I’m not dietitian, nutritionist, or doctor, but I truly believe any kind of negative side affect like diarrhea, shakes, and other symptoms within the first week, is your body rejecting all the bad shit you put into it, and if it doesn’t stop within two or three weeks of the cycle, then I would worry, other than that, I think it’s safe to say the diet is perfectly okay.

5/23/16: Day 8 S&E

Weight: 264.4 (Got a little bum-crack action on the back shot! Sorry the photos are sideways)



Well, rebooted and restarted, I feel great. (Even though I gained 4 to 5 pounds on my cheat day, haha) I neglected my best friend’s offerings of free food and alcohol today, I’m going to my first movie at the theaters and dinner afterwards, and going to see how the impact is with general life and being on the diet.

I can tell you one thing about this diet though, It’s refreshing, and definitely doable, with the right mindset.

What I have learned from this diet so far is:

  • Discipline, knowing when and what I can eat.
  • It gives me tons of energy, I mean tons, I haven’t pushed myself to a point of physical fatigue at the gym yet, but It takes a lot more to get there.
  • I’ve had no hunger pains, or problems not eating.
  • I am emotionally happier.
  • It’s time efficient.
  • Affordable healthy way of life.

And above all else, I’m truly proud of myself. I know its only been 8 days, but it’s been one hell of a week, and it’s really a very hard discipline to say no to people who have used to you saying yes. Really hard.

Anyways, that’s today’s update, short and sweet. Keep me posted on how you guys are doing!

5/22/16: Day 7: CHEAT DAYYYY!

Weight: 260.4

Oh God this day has been great! The first things I ate were all consumed within an hour, like the following:


Peach Fuzz Flavored Slurpee  (No banana flavored but it sure hit the spot.)


Reeses Big Cup Peanut Butter


Dark roast double double with a maple shot


Tim Hortons Farmers Breakfast

And a strawberry short cake doughnut. I forgot to take a picture haha.

So that was a little overboard on eating whatever  I wanted in such a short time. ( it was like twenty minutes tops). I also had an large extreme Italian sub from Tim Hortons but had it 4 hours later in two separate meals. The other items I ate/drank that day were:

  • Bud Light Apple
  • Caesars Homemade
  • Caesar Premade Bottled
  • Meteor Chocolate Bar
  • Ruffles All Dressed Chips
  • Another Big Cup Reese Peanut Butter Cups
  • Drumstick
  • Two Pepperoni Taquitoes
  • A Hotdog with Mustard

I felt free and unbound from restriction and it was refreshing.  Yet, I had an epiphany:

Guilt. I felt guilty.  That I did that to my body. I feel that after every terrible thing I eat that I know I shouldn’t have, that feeling pulling into drive throughs. You can always do better.

I had a second phase to this thought:

I never felt guilty during my 6 days prior. I felt good and knew I was doing the right thing. It is a refreshing feeling and duly noted for my next week. I’ve lost a lot of weight already and I love it. I feel rebooted.

Then, I had a third phase to this thought:

Am I doing cheat day wrong? Is it suppose to be two meals still? Or do I completely reboot the system with an all around eat fest? I don’t know, but time will tell.

All together I truly enjoyed my guilt drowning cheat day, and look forward to tomorrows results!

Don’t fret over cravings


The hardest thing I’ve done during this diet was watch people eat in between my meals and have cravings for things I can’t have. Like the above list for example: banana flavored slurpee, a Caesar, an Montreal smoked meat sandwich, and a God damn chocolate bar !

Yet I tend to realize one thing: I am truly disciplined if I can withstand my cravings and withstand the offerings of cookies and doughnuts at work, I can withstand the cravings of drugs and alcohol after a stressful day at work. Thinking about these factors give me a huge boost of self confidence and the power of the mind and spirit

Don’t  give up! It’s for the better good. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Free Weights vs Weight Machines

Recently. I have done a post about a workout I did we my partner in crime, Kevin. I was doing link references for the workouts we did, and I while googling the machines, most of the results were along the lines of ; “Top 11 Machines you never use” and “Why you should workout with free weights in regards to machines“. Like every other thing on this site, I needed to do my research, this is what I learned:

  • Free weights are functional, while machines are structural. Meaning functional workouts with free weights give you the full range of motion for properly executing a strength dependent movement (aka, picking up a rock to move somewhere, or to properly hit a punching bag), while doing structural workouts with weight machines give your body, bluntly said, the look and feel of a body builder, because of the isolation to the muscle.
  • People who fall under the beginner, rehabilitation, or body building categories, should do Weight Machines. Why? Because it helps with basics understandings of range of motion, and can be set to work muscles that may have been mistreated or damaged, and create muscle mass in the areas you want to isolate.
  • People who fall under the prior categories, plus athletes, should use free weights. Why? Because it just makes sense if you think about the concept: You aren’t using the range of motion on a day to day purpose when it comes to weight machines. Now that I think about it, there is no actual time I have used the same motion as a pectoral fly machine other than maybe hugging at overweight lady.

Definitely an eye opener to know that most things I’ve been doing in the past year, has been inaccurate for what I want to accomplish. I’ll be mostly doing free weight workouts from this point on, other than machines like Rowing and treadmills/elliptical and weighted abdominal crunches, I most likely won’t hop on a machine again.

5/21/2016: Day 6 S&E

Starting Weight: 267.8

Weight: 263.4 (4.4 pounds lost)

Sleep: 8 1/2 hrs

Workout (Y/N): N

What was the Workout?:N/A

Food Alteration: Pound of bacon, with Garlic powder topping (Had carbs)

Notes: I really think the bacon and the powders I’m using are adding to the weight gain here, because they were kinda filled with carbs, although I believed muscles weigh more than fat, recent discovery has debuffed that myth.

5/20/2016: Day 5 S&E

I am in HEAVEN right now! For three reasons:

It started off with getting up at 5 am to begin my workout routine. It’s been 3 weeks and I tell ya, I missed it. Thus, I drove to my friend Kevin’s, to start the routine again. We did the usual, played Starwars on our phones, nerded out about Dr. Who, and just did the regular thing. What was UNUSUAL, was his counter-part, woke up at that early time as well, and had the morning routine with us, which was definitely a nice surprise/difference.

What was even COOLER was the fact that, like usual, I get into talking about my life and my changes, one being this site and the steak and egg diet. I explained the pros and cons of the diet, and how there is some concerns (nutrients mainly) and that it was all researched on this site from numerous sources. I told her I made this site and to check out the research because it’s all explained on there.

About two hours later, I get home from the gym, make my meal, and remember to send the URL to her, this was the conversation:



I’m honestly proud that I have had an impact with this blog. Not only do I have the opportunity to better myself, but in doing so, I can better someone else. I feel good about this, and whoever is reading this, I hope it entices you to not try this challenge, but to challenge yourself!


On to the second reason I’m happy today,

I am truly happy that I bought a Samsung Note 5, for the simple reason it comes with an S-Pen, which allows me to do this (disregard my terrible writing, my heart rate is up, and I don’t have good writing in general):


What does this allow me to do? To track my workouts for people who want a specific, routine that I followed. What did I learn?

1.) I can’t track the amount of water that I’m doing during this diet, and let alone, in life. It’s hectic enough having to worry about your own life problems, that I just can’t count all my water intake, especially when its from a fountain in the gym or the pool.

2) I CAN track my workout, thanks to my phone. That gives people and my followers the actual specifics I did for the workout.


So what was my workout? Back in early Summer of 2015, Kevin and I started our journey of working out. During this adventure, we created this great idea where its a workout named “Simon Says”. What did this allow us to do?

  • Create a routine that wasn’t boring, and randomized for our bodies.
  • Allows us to explore new venues of workouts that we have studied, and see if it is good.
  • Obtain the focus on the body parts we personally want to achieve on that day.

Now, I’ll decypher my workout to allow you guys to know what we did for today’s ritual:

Warm-up: None

First workout (Kevin): 3 sets of pull-ups until failure

Second workout (Colton): 3 sets of pectoral flies on machine (12,10,8) as heavy as you can lift (I lifted 180lbs). Supersetted with 3 sets of chest press on machine(12,10,8) as heavy as you can lift (I lifted 150 lbs)

Third workout (Kevin): Kevin called this the “Abdominal Destroyer”, haha and It did! – 3 sets until failure of weighted crunches on machine, 3 sets until failure of Captains Chair, and 3 sets of decline abdominal crunches (elbow to knee crossover) 

Fourth workout (Colton): A little history about our workouts together, we started going to the gym around 6 pm in the afternoon, and we started seeing regulars, one of which, stood out to us. This guy we called “The Champion”. He was a older gentlemen, very fit, not body builder fit but runner fit, good size biceps, and was at least hitting his 60’s. He would workout way longer than us, doing way heavier weights than us, and be not break a sweat as bad as us.

One of his workouts, consisted of grabbing dumbbells, going on the treadmill, and walking with them straight armed above his head. At first, we thought this guy was crazy, what the hell you doing? After awhile I had to ask this guy, seeing him do it everyday for the last 3 or 4 visits we had at the gym. He said while your walking with the weights in the air, you try to have a curved lower back to support the weight and have proper posture, and to not fully extend your arms because you want the weight on your muscles, not your bone structure. On top of that, you need to have an incline on the treadmill, (I don’t know why the incline) and what this does is makes “mini-reps” in your shoulders, applying fast pace endurance increase for your arms. I was blown away!

How did me Kevin and I react to this new knowledge? We started doing it. What happened? A better workout! I got tired quick, but I am a bit of an thickheaded bull (I am a Taurus!) when it comes to working out, and giving up. When I coul,dn’t hold it above my head anymore (About 45 seconds, 25 lb weights), I dropped them infront of my chest, with my palms facing me. This felt marvelous, but afterwards, I started feeling the burn in my chest area. That was great! Until I needed to drop THAT, (45 seconds later), I brought them to my sides…. then I realized.. these are shrugs! THIS IS GREAT! Set the weights on the treadmill afterwards, and just rest for a minute or two, and do it again. That’s one rep of the champion!

Unfortunately, Kevin and I only got two sets done before we were completely destroyed, and walked into the pool.

Now the pool, is my favorite part of the workout, because its a recovery method we use. I need to get the research done for my appendix I will be creating, but the method of recovery is using the mentality, “There is no overworking, just under-recovery”. When reading about the previous statement in an article, the author explained how going into cold temperatures as long as you can, and doing its counterpart, (as hot as you can as long as you can), does wonders for muscle recovery. We used what we had at the pool, so we do cycles:

  • Shower (of course)
  • Hot tub as long as possible
  • Cold pool as long as possible
  • Sauna/Steam room as long as possible
  • rinse and repeat

We usually can fit in about 3-4 cycles before we need to leave, but I tell you, it’s the best feeling ever hitting that fresh air after coming out of a workout. Not only do you workout your body at the gym, something about it makes you really think about how your going to do things in your life, let it be as little as how your going to out preform at work, or your going to go on a Steak and Egg Diet, or a simple thing like after work your going to read that book. No matter what, it trains your brain and your confidence as well. It’s a really good thing, and I suggest a healthy workout routine for anyone, it just does the trick.

Now onto the third thing that made me happy, my girlfriend bought beefing stew for $18.22, which was 1800 grams roughly (so I had a 400g meal, so that means I have 4 meals, meaning two days worth of steak) and I fried it with butter and pepper, topped it with sunny side up eggs (Which had pepper and franks red hot powder on it), which drizzled the yolk over my buttered steak, causing the most delicious explosion I’ve had since i got on this diet.

20160520_080711 20160520_081050 20160520_081742

I truly was getting tired of the scrambled egg and ground beef “TEXTURE”, it was brutal, and lead me to doubting I could do this workout. Knowing a small change in feature to my meal, really kicked it up a notch, and let me know, even though its simplicity of meal, it can have small alterations to make it more realistic to stay on.


Anyways, I couldn’t wait till cheat day, I’m super happy to have these things happen, and I’m ecstatic!


Talk Soon!