5/25/16: Day 10 S&E

Weight: 260.2

Sleep: 8 Hours

Workout: Yes

Workout Info: 20 Minutes Elliptical, 12-10-8 Heaviest Sets with Free Weights (Arnold Curls, Overhead Triceps Extensions, Shoulder Press)

Notes: I have a current follower/steak and egg dieter, having questions about the “Shakes” the individual is getting during the ketosis of the diet. So I decided to do some research into it, just in-case it will cause issues with individuals. This is what I learned:

Is ketosis dangerous?

According to Peter Attia, M.D., the ketosis diet is as common as a fireplace inside a house. He states all these medical terms that I truly don’t understand, but on an “mediocre intellectual” stance, I can see it is a great way to diet, but it doesn’t tell me why she is having the shakes. Furthermore, I need to dig into more research about it.


According to multiple sources at Healthline.com, their actual article states that there is multiple problems with a ketosis diet, but if you read the actual comments:
proof1 proof2 proof3


There is multiple people debating the article, and find it completely null and disapprove.  I am not trying to be biased about the challenge, since its my job as the administrator to take note and see angles from both sides, but I can’t truly find anything to cause health issues with this diet.

I’m not dietitian, nutritionist, or doctor, but I truly believe any kind of negative side affect like diarrhea, shakes, and other symptoms within the first week, is your body rejecting all the bad shit you put into it, and if it doesn’t stop within two or three weeks of the cycle, then I would worry, other than that, I think it’s safe to say the diet is perfectly okay.

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